All Saints Oving


If you are thinking about getting married in church, the first thing to do is contact me, the Vicar! I can help you walk the the exciting and challenging journey of preparing for your special day. The first thing to establish is that you have a “qualifying connection” with the parish. This is not onerous or complicated, but meeting with me at an early stage is advisable, so that I can give you the support you need.

We run “Marriage Preparation” days, which are really helpful for anyone contemplating marriage, and covers everything you need to know, including an opportunity to think through things that are important as you embark on life long journey together.

I am here to help.

Revd Steve Flashman, Vicar: 01296 655237 M: 07950 000910

Music for your wedding

Our organist, Geoffrey Heath, is an accomplished musician and organist and has a wealth of experience in playing for weddings.

Message from Geoffrey:

“If you are considering getting married in Quainton Church please contact me at an early stage to discuss your choice of music. There is an increasing tendency these days to have recorded music for part or all of the service but in my view having music which is performed live on the spot just for you is infinitely better than a CD however good the performances on disc. I have over sixty years experience of playing the organ for weddings so am well placed to advise as to choice of music. You do not have to have the Wedding March or Pachelbel’s Canon – there are many other options available. Also please let us know in advance if you are planning to ask someone to sing or play during the service. If you want help finding a singer, trumpeter or any other instrumentalist I can probably assist. I would strongly advise having the church choir if they are available. Wedding congregations are often not familiar with hymns and having the choir to lead the singing will give a real lift to the service.”

Geoffrey Heath: 07902 279637